Torta del Casar D.O. Sheep Cheese 540g

Torta del Casar D.O. Sheep Cheese 540g
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* One of the most awarded cheeses in the world.
* Soft and very creamy texture, which melts on the palate.
* Combines very well with lightly sweet jams and with fruity white wines such as Verdejo.

Torta del Casar D.O. Gran Casar. Made with raw sheep's milk and vegetable rennet, its special production process turns the cheese into a creamy white paste ideal for spreading. Its intense sheep's milk flavour is very peculiar, slightly bitter. Produced by Quesos del Casar in Cáceres (Spain).

- Region: Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain
- Net weight: 540g

Raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and egg lysozyme.

Energy value: 1822 kJ/440 kcal Fat 38g: of which saturated 26g. Carbohydrates 0,5g: of which sugars 0,5g; protein 25g and salt 1,3g.

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