Shipping to Netherlands

The commercial relations between Spain and Holland have centuries of history. Both countries share a great eagerness for trade and exchange. The distribution line between Spain and Holland is robust and constant, which is why the presence of Spanish products in Holland is high. Colono Gourmet revolutionises the traditional distribution of Spanish products in Holland thanks to our marketplace and our digital tools.

Here's everything you need to know about how we work to distribute in the Netherlands.


Colono Gourmet has a well-established presence in Austria supplying Spanish food products to the HORECA and retail channels; in May 2019 we started also supplying to German gastronomy businesses and since September 2019 we are also active in BENELUX and France.


Colono Gourmet ensures a regular flow of Spanish food from producers in Spain to the Netherlands. In order to offer the best possible prices and to ensure that you get your goods as fresh as possible, we aim to operate our digital distribution with minimal inventory shipping directly from producers. The delivery lead time will range from 48 hours to 10 working days depending on the product categories you order.

We work with leading transport companies such as STEF, DHL, UPS or the Post Office to provide you with the best service. Please note that most vendors deliver in the morning. If you only want to receive shipments in the afternoon, we need to check your specific case.


    Generally, we do not have a Minimum Order Quantity per order. Orders below 600 EUR net, will be charged a small transportation-management fee. The fee depends on the products included in your order and will be always lower than 29 EUR net.

    We do have a Minimum Order Quantity per product which normally it is the equivalent to the content included in one box and we also have a minimum order quantity of 50 KG for orders of frozen products.


    You can always try the product before purchasing it. As food tastes varies from person to person, we have a comprehensive versatile sample process. 


    For the first two orders, an advance payment is required. We offer credit as of the 3rd order is placed (linked to credit agency approval).


    We accept orders by e-mail, whatsapp, telephone and online. We recommend ordering online as the most efficient channel if you order a known SKU recurrently. However, when you are ordering a SKU for the first time, you may want to get some questions answered before placing your order and other communication channels may be more suitable to you (based on our customers' feedback).


    Our team is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Dutch and German and all our materials, including the website will be soon available in those 5 languages.